Moldova: PIU Consultancy services (Vulcanesti back-to back substation-EBRD/EIB/NIF co-financed Project component)

Project name: Moldova Romania Power Interconnection Phase I
EBRD Project ID: 47087
Country: Moldova
Tender Exercise Name: PIU Consultancy services (Vulcanesti back-to back substation-EBRD/EIB/NIF co-financed Project component)
ECEPP Tender Exercise ID: 8151042
Type of Procurement: Consultancy
Procurement Method: Consultancy Single Stage Open
Client Name: Moldelectrica
Business sector: Power and Energy
Notice Type: Request For Proposals
Publication Date: 15/12/2018 08:32
Issue date: 14/12/2018 17:00
Closing date: 08/02/2019 09:00

Request For Proposals

The above named Client, intends to use part of the proceeds of a loan from/grant administered by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (the Bank) and from Client's own funds towards the cost of the above named project. Contracts will be subject to the Bank's Procurement Policies and Rules and will be open to firms from any country.

Funding Details:


EBRD and EIB Loans

The Client now invites proposals from qualified and competent consultants, in relation to the assignment, on the basis of the Consultancy Procurement Document provided in ECEPP for this assignment (CPD). The selection method (procurement method) is shown above and interested firms or group of firms are hereby invited to submit a Technical and Financial Proposal).

The expected outcome of the assignment is as follows:
The investment project is successfully implemented: the basic design is completed; all goods, works and services are procured in accordance with EBRD’s Procurement Policies and Rules, contractual disbursements are effected in a timely manner.

Consultancy Services to be provided:

PROJECT BACKGROUND: Moldelectrica intends to acquire and install equipment necessary for the Moldova Romania electricity interconnection using a loan from European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (“EBRD”), a parallel loan provided by the European Investment Bank (“EIB”) and the Word Bank (“WB”) plus grant funding from EU Neighbourhood Investment Facility (NIF). This will ensure the interconnection to EU market and will increase and diversify Moldova’s sources of electricity supply and fuels used and provide access to competitively priced electricity.
The proposed project (the “Project”) will require procurement of the following goods, works and services:

1. Design and construction activities of Vulcanesti back-to-back substation including integration with the Romanian and Moldovan power systems;
2. Design and construction activities of 400 kV electricity transmission OHL between Chisinau and Vulcanesti;
3. Upgrade of the Chisinau substation;
4. Extension of the Vulcanesti 400 kV substation and connection (as necessary) to the Vulcanesti back-to-back substation.

The selected consultant shall be responsible for the following tasks:

1. Overall project management support as required;
2. Review of the Client’s design;
3. Preparation of all technical studies (e.g. harmonics studies etc) necessary to determine and define the particular technical requirements, specifications and data required for the HVDC equipment that will enable bidders to be fully-informed in order to submit well grounded tenders which will satisfy the particular needs of the Client;
4. Arrangement of preparation of the prequalification and tender documents for procurement of works and goods;
5. Arrangement of the tendering procedure for works and goods, including evaluation of tenders and drafting tender evaluation reports, when required using the EBRD Client e-procurement Portal (ECEPP);
6. Administration of contract implementation including, where appropriate, works supervision or assisting with works supervision;
7. Assistance in all environmental and social (E&S) aspects; and
8. Arrangement of timely disbursements under the contracts.

The assignment is expected to start on 04/03/2019 and have an estimated overall duration of 48 months.

Cost Estimate (exclusive of VAT): EUR 3,000,000

Response Requirements:

In order to determine the capability and experience of consultants seeking to be selected, the consultant shall submit a response in accordance with the CPD available from the above link. The selection will normally be made from the Proposals received in response to this notification only, on the basis of the selection criteria set out in the CPD. The highest-ranked Consultant will be selected and  invited to negotiate the contract, subject to availability of funding.

This consultant selection will be conducted by e-procurement using the EBRD Client E-Procurement Portal (ECEPP). Interested firms should register on ECEPP at this link:

and express an interest in this assignment. The CPD for this assignment is available for firms registered in ECEPP free of charge at the above link. Full conditions for participation are included in the documents. Prospective consultants may request clarification and further information from the client through ECEPP. Following submission, qualified firms will be ranked on the basis of the criteria set out in the CPD and the highest ranked consultant will be selected to negotiate the contract, subject to availability of funding.

Other Information:
Please see the CPD for the deadline for the submission of any requests for clarifications.


Client Address:
Octavian Ciobirca
SE Moldelectrica
78, V. Alecsandri str., Chisinau, MD-2012, Moldova
Tel. +37322253548, Email:

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